Artist Statement

I capture the sounds of memory, from their lips to your ears.


Working in sound and performance, I touch on the themes of memory, community, and identity.


My research-based practice entails lengthy, in-depth interviews. I record the stories of people who lived through major historic and cultural events, (the Holocaust, or the events of September 11, 2001 in New York City) for preservation and future use. The memories I gather also depict the complexities of place, such as the densely populated Lower East Side, and Skowhegan, an artist’s colony in Maine.


My passion is to share stories, in surprising, bite sized ways. I make radio pieces and multimedia projects, installations and live performance events.


As a museum professional, I translate visitor narratives into dynamic, rich multi-vocal presentations.


A trained oral historian, I collaborate with clients to design and carry out layered and meaningful interview projects, for posterity.