Embodied Mapping at Pier 42

Image by Jennifer Wen Ma, Embodied Mapping Workshop, April 18, 2015.

This residency was focused on the site of Pier 42, in the Lower East Side. A team of artists explored the notion of Embodied Mapping, using multi-disciplinary scores, practices, prompts and exercises. This mapping process was personal and experiential, allowing a questioning of existing ideas about how we relate to our surroundings –whether physically, temporally, intellectually, emotionally, personally, socially or politically.

Residency dates: July 2014 – November 2015

Commissioned by: iLand (Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Art, Nature and Dance), Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and Paths to Pier 42

Events: iLand Symposium, April 18th, 2015 at Two Bridges Community Center,

Paths to Pier 42 closing event, October 25, 2015.

Collaborators: Kate Cahill, Kathy Creutzburg, Meredith Drum, Joe Goldman, Meredith Ramirez Talusan, Jennifer Wen Ma, and Liza Zapol.

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